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Sheet masks with Star active ingredients for targeted solutions to skin problems!

MISSHA Mascure AC Care Solution Sheet Mask

The pleasantly soft sheet mask with salt water helps sensitive skin to regenerate. The mask ensures a balanced moisture and sebum balance and helps to soothe the skin. Without dripping or slipping!

  • pleasant material
  • excellent adhesion thanks to cellophane
  • powerful active ingredients for every skin type
  • for the targeted solution of skin problems
  • Hypoallergenic formula

The skin-friendly formula offers gentle skin care and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin. The fabric has a high water storage function and provides effective ingredients to optimally care for your skin.  ;The mask guarantees skin comfort with excellent adhesion.

MISSHA - Mascure AC Care Saline Water Sheet Mask

SKU: 8809581456570

-5% offert pour +6 masques sauf les packs

  • 1) Apply toner after cleansing 2) Place the sheet mask evenly on your face 3) Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes 4) Gently massage the residue 5) Do not wash off!

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