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The MIXSOON Bifida Toner helps restore the skin barrier and intensively moisturizes thanks to lactic acid bacteria. The facial toner convinces with its simple formula, since all additives such as dyes, parabens, perfumes or the like are removed. Therefore , the toner is also particularly well tolerated and suitable for sensitive skin.


STRENGTHENING THE SKIN BARRIER: Restores the skin barrier damaged by external stimuli to make the skin more resilient and balanced, reducing the risk of acne breakouts or redness.
CARE FOR SKIN TEXTURE: Promotes the skin's regeneration process to quickly soothe weak and irritated skin.
HYDRATE AND NOURISH: Microbial breakdown of active ingredients increases the absorption of proteins, probiotics and vitamins, leaving skin deeply nourished and hydrated.

The toner serves as a precursor to the essence and is absorbed particularly quickly thanks to its light formula. This way all layers of the skin are hydrated.


MIXSOON - Toner Bifida, 300ml

SKU: 8809732911576
  • 1. After cleaning, pour a moderate amount onto a cotton pad.

    2. Gently pass several times over the entire face.

    3. Tap lightly with fingertips until completely absorbed.

    Tip: Soak a few cotton pads in the product and place them on problem areas of skin to use as a sheet mask.