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I'  Joseon Ginseng Beauty Essence Water  is a  gasoline  intensely nourishing and hydrating for smooth, soft and revitalized skin.  The essence is enriched with naturally obtained Hanbang ingredients* and consists of 80% ginseng root water, 2% niacinamide, 0.04% adenosine and ginseng complex, it prepares your skin for the next stages of care.  The ingredients in Joseon Ginseng Beauty Essence Water provide your skin with intensive hydration, reduce sebum production, brighten your skin, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, make it brighter and smoother.

* traditional herbal ingredients used in Korean medicine and also used for cosmetic purposes

BEAUTY OF JOSEON - Ginseng Essence Water, 150ml

SKU: 8809738310960
  • Spread an appropriate amount on your face and pat the essence lightly.

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