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K-beauty and me. .

The term K-Beauty is no longer so unknown as in 2013 when I discovered it during my first visit to South Korea with my lover. I have never seen so many cosmetic shops per square meter, a new world!!! It was obviously irresistible not to try the products, there was so much choice with their fun and cute packaging, with gourmet and pleasant scents. There was a large selection for every purse. Having a very sensitive and reactive skin, I still wanted to test some care products. I also discovered what is the famous layering - a ritual of Korean care to superimpose care on the skin - to make the most of their benefits.

When I learned that I was expecting a little baby, I paid even more attention to the uses of cosmetic products because I could no longer afford to put anything on my skin for the sake of my little treasure in my belly, but my face suffered a lot and me with…  

During my umpteenth visit to South Korea, this time with my big little belly, my quest for Korean cosmetics began. I would like to point out that I was not looking for miracles, just the most natural care possible and minimum efficiency for a certain comfort for my skin. 

Since then my skin is much better. With my family, we found pleasure and comfort in using these K-Beauties. So quite naturally I wish (with the precious help of my handsome dark-haired husband) to share with you this culture that is K-beauty and make you benefit from its effectiveness.  

Believe me, these K-beauty's are effective.

I have long used the Big Brands products that everyone knows.

It worked well for my rosacea and pimples.

In a few words 

These products we call "K-Beauty"

Proven effectiveness, Advanced cosmetic technology, Attractive packaging, Natural ingredients, Unbeatable quality / price ratio, Eco Responsible commitment for the most part

Ingredients: Mugwort, White Lotus, Bee Venom, Panax Ginseng, Marine Collagen, Snail Mucin, Green Tea (Matcha) and many more

Technologies: Low Temperature Distillation, Natural Fermentation and many more

Korean skincare products stand out for the great use of rare and beneficial natural ingredients that are not commonly used by other countries. There is a real know-how in K-Beauty. South Koreans excel in the art of blending natural ingredients with high-tech cosmetic components. And they prove by their effectiveness and approved by users.

봄 (Bom) = Spring in French. Bring out your beauty!!

I sincerely wish to make you discover and bring you well-being through my product choices. Me, they helped me a lot and I found the comfort of putting on makeup and it's really nice to see my skin in good shape!

Welcome to Bom 봄 Cosmetik. Do not hesitate to take a look at our BLOG page which will be filled over time.

Good for you

Elina & Kim, Founders of Bom Cosmetics



Finding the perfect beauty product is as complicated as finding the perfect pair of jeans. You have what ? One in ten chance? Not anymore. Enter the world of BOM COSMETIK. Since 2020, we have been offering high-end products and their proven effectiveness to meet the needs of each of our visitors. Every day, we do everything so that you can find in our selection not only the cream of products but at advantageous prices. Your skin deserves the best, so why not come shopping today? If you cannot find the product you are looking for, contact us.


Explore the possibilities of K-Beauty

We want you to be who you are, as you are. This is why we seek to perfectly match your skin and our products. Now is the time to do your body and mind good and let your natural beauty shine. Explore BOM COSMETIK and benefit from all the advanced know-how of K-beauty.

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