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As our skin ages, the amount of moisture and oil in the skin decreases, and when the skin becomes dry, wrinkles form more easily. Additionally, when skin hydration is insufficient, our skin secretes more sebum than usual to protect itself. As a result, in a state where moisture is insufficient, the amount of oil becomes excessive, increasing the risk of inflammatory skin problems. Therefore, maintaining The oil-water balance of the skin itself is important for healthy skin.

For customers with oily skin, we have developed “Red Bean Water Gel”.
It has a light gel texture and is full of moisture while minimizing the oily feeling. Red bean extract and 3 types of peptides, key ingredients in this cream, work together to replenish hydration and promote skin health.

The lightweight hydrating gel formula
“Dynasty Cream” is ideal for dry/combination skin, and “Red Bean Water Gel”

Powerful supply of moisture and care for pores
It minimizes the feeling of oiliness and focuses on hydration. It contains 'red bean', known to help absorb sebum due to its abundance of saponins, and 'peptides'. , known to help improve wrinkles.
In lightweight gel form, it penetrates the skin with a delicately cool sensation.

Key Ingredients

Haenam red bean extract 44%
Red bean has played an important role throughout Korean history. It was used as medicine for its important role in removing waste and also used as an ingredient in traditional foods. In addition, as stated in ancient documents, women in the Joseon Dynasty used it with mung bean to wash their faces. Red beans help in the absorption of sebum, and the saponin in red bean skin helps in health and elasticity of the skin.

Peptide complex
It contains 3 types of peptides (SH-Oligopeptide-1 / SH-Oligopeptide-2 / SH-Polypeptide-1) to aid skin health by helping maintain the right amount of growth factors, which naturally decrease due to of aging.
Take a coin-sized amount, apply it to the skin and dab it in until it is properly absorbed.
It is particularly ideal for oily skin with excess sebum.
After absorbing sebum with RED BEAN MASK, apply this cream to replenish your skin's moisture and create synergy with your pore and skin texture treatment.

BEAUTY OF JOSEON - Red Bean Water Gel, 100ml

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  • Apply the appropriate amount of this cream to your face as the last step of your skin care routine. Pat in with your fingers for easy absorption.

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