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Intensive care ampoule to make your skin glowing and smooth without sticking. 

the  COSRX Propolis light bulb  consists of 80%  bee extract  resin base , which has an effect  anti-bacterial  and  anti-inflammatory .  In addition, there are natural moisturizing components such as various amino acids and vitamin B5 which refine the complexion.

Heals stressed skin, relieves redness and soothes the complexion. Very nourishing, giving skin smooth, glowing, dewy and not at all sticky.

COSRX - Propolis Light Ampoule, 30ml

SKU: 8809598450820
  • Apply 1-2 drops to cleansed, toner-prepared face.  Can be applied selectively or thinly all over the face.  For sensitive skin, mix 1-2 drops with moisturizer and apply.  Use preferably in the evening.

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