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  • ALL-IN-ONE ANTI-AGING CARE with a single sun stick
  • UV protection + lightening + anti-wrinkle
  • Vegan Blackberry Complex Multi-solar balm that cares for the total anti-aging solution.


01. Strong UV protection with just one stick is all you need! Total solution anti-aging multi-sun balm Try applying SPF with one stick type without touching your face now. You can easily improve wrinkles and make an all-in-one lightening treatment by applying strong UV protection

02. Anti-oxidation with blackberry complex
5000 ppm blackberry extract, 5000 ppm jojoba seed oil and 5000 ppm blue lotus water, providing you with the ultimate anti-aging antioxidant ingredients generously

03. Double balm formulation for elasticity and lightening care
With the optimal combination of oil balm and cream balm cares for both elasticity and lightening

04. Non-sticky - fresh and soft!
Sticky balm? NO. The silky formula and gentle particles are gently applied to the skin without leaving white marks, providing a fresh, soft finish.

05. Lightening and improving wrinkles with UV protection - Triple function
Contains bisabolol and tocopherol acetate, which not only blocks UV rays but also brightens and relieves wrinkles

06. Full vegan certification, strictly cruelty-free, skin irritation test completed, prohibits the use of ingredients harmful to the marine ecosystem

Mary & May - Vegan Blackberry Complex Multi Sun Balm, 10g

SKU: 8809670682026
  • Apply to areas requiring sun protection, such as the face and body.
    Reapply every 2-3 hours.