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No more dry skin with a feeling of tightness!

The moisturizing ampoule is the perfect solution against dry skin.  The light and gentle formula with hyaluronic acid complex is ideal for sensitive skin prone to irritation.  It supplies moisture, delivers it to the deepest layers of the skin and stores it there.  Unpleasant feelings of tension in the skin do not occur in the first place. The oil-free formula of the moisturizing ampoule does not leave the skin sticky or greasy after use.  Thanks to its light texture, the serum is completely absorbed by the skin.
Result: a plumped and refreshed complexion full of elasticity and radiance!

MISSHA - Super Aqua Hyaluron Ampoul, 47ml

SKU: 8809747928729
€33.90 Regular Price
€22.04Sale Price
  • Prepare the face with a toner after cleansing.

    Apply the ampoule to the palms of your hands and gently press the product into the skin.  (The warmth of your palms improves the absorption of the ampoule into the skin)

    Enjoy a radiant complexion!

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