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  • Calming Deep Moisture Toner - tonic intended for daily care of problem and sensitive skin. Contains hydrating ingredients, including: hyaluronic acid and gluconolactone , which also have antioxidant properties. Centella Asiatica extract accelerates healing, soothes inflammation, has antibacterial properties and regenerates the skin. In turn, white willow bark extract and tea tree extract have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-acne properties . The product capacity is 150 ml.
  • Calming Moisturizing Serum - soothing and hydrating serum for facial skin care. It contains anti-inflammatory Allantoin and ingredients extracted from centella asiatica, such as: madecassoside , asiaticoside , madecassic acid and asiatic acid . In turn, enriching the recipe with ceramides and peptides significantly accelerates the regeneration of post-traumatic and aging skin. The serum promotes the reduction of imperfections, wrinkles and complexion irregularities. Its capacity is 30 ml.
  • Soothing Moisturizing Barrier Cream - a soothing moisturizer containing centella asiatica extract , which soothes irritation and regenerates. The cosmetic contains tea tree extract with antibacterial properties and ceramides which hydrate and rebuild the protective barrier of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid and squalane retain water in the skin, ensuring an appropriate level of hydration. The capacity of the cream is 50 ml .

Intended for:

  • imperfections,
  • acne skin,
  • mature skin,
  • skin aging,
  • wrinkles,
  • discoloration.

PYUNKANG YUL - Calming Line Gift Set, 3pcs

SKU: 8809486682401
    • Soothing and deeply hydrating toner - after cleansing your face, apply the toner to the skin and spread it evenly, avoiding the eye area.
    • Soothing hydrating serum : apply a little serum to cleansed and toned facial skin. Distribute them evenly, avoiding the eye area.
    • Soothing hydrating barrier cream : apply a little cream to cleansed and toned facial skin (can also be applied over a previously applied serum). Distribute it evenly, avoiding the eye area. Use every morning and/or evening.

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