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Collagen is the star in anti-aging skin care. Collagen, which constitutes 70% of our skin, gradually decreases with age. Collagen plays a major and important role in the hydration, elasticity and maintenance of the skin because it is effective against aging. 

The set consists of 3 collagen care products; Serum - Pack of Masks - Cream.


1. MIZON - Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream, 50ml;  Collagen firming cream contains 54% highly concentrated marine collagen solution for a firm and youthful complexion. It is an anti-wrinkle and hypoallergenic day cream.

2. MIZON - Collagen 100, 30ml;  This rich anti-aging serum contains 90% marine collagen.

3. MARY & MAY - Collagen Peptide Vital Mask, 30 pcs;  Mary & May vital peptide mask, containing low molecular weight collagen and effective peptides for the improvement of wrinkles and elasticity.


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Collagen Pack, 3 pcs

€78.30 Regular Price
€69.69Sale Price
  • Serum - Masks - Cream

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